*fuse exhibition at the jam factory - adelaide*

The ‘Fuse’ exhibition has just opened at the Jam Factory in Adelaide and is on through to 17 February. I am a part of this group show, along with artists Nicholas Bastin, Vernon Bowden, Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr, Leah Heiss, Ryota Kuwakubo and Mark Vaarwerk. The show has been curated by Sean O’Connell and is themed on art and technology. The opening sounded like it was a big success, with around 600 people attending. Am keen to hear feedback from the exhibition.

The work I contributed stems from my artist in residency at the AI Lab, University of Zurich. Yvonne Gustain, a researcher there was experimenting and working with different robot vision systems. After talking with her about her work I started thinking about how a robot would see me, and what would it think of me? So much emphasis is on how we see robots, I hadn’t even considered how we as humans would make robots feel. I worked with videographer Kieran Madden to film a series of self-portraits, which were processed using five different iterations of the optical flow algorithm Horn & Schunck.

I really enjoyed producing this work, it is visually very different to previous digital images I have exhibited. It’s been a nice surprise being able to produce a different series of work with the AI Lab, aside from my main girltron project.

Below is the work on show, with how the images looked unprocessed:

AceAce fifth interation
CloseClose fifth interation
JumpJump fifth interation
HandsHands fifth interation
ArmArm fifth interation