*alife - week 1*

I am attending Max and Daniel’s Alife lectures, the notes and slides are online at the course website here.

The lecture introduced complex adaptive systems and looked at life as a pattern in space-time - responding to change in internal/external environment, the interdependence of parts and the ability to evlove

The series will cover order/disorder, complex and dynamical systems.

We looked at simulations of double pendulums - which made me think about Simon Penny’s Petit Mal, an autonomous robotic being that interacts in physical space with audience members. Penny explicitly sought to avoid anthropomorphism, biomorphism, or zoomorphism. Petit Mal’s body consists of a double pendulum system that dynamically stabilizes its two-wheeled stance. Audience members project rich and complex readings of Petit Mal’s internal life – much of the complexity of its “personality” arises from the physical dynamics of its alien form.