The girltron installation scenario will involve the robot interacting with a tree. The tree will act as a power recharging station for the robot, which will be encased in tree. This is to imply the life giving properties of plants.

I got this idea after many discussions with Professor Suematsu, my robotics sensei in Japan. He has now retired from research but when I asked him what kind of robot would he next like to build, he said he would like to make a robot to protect the forest.

Natural materials such as wood are being used to construct the robot. It makes sense to stick with nature and natural objects to develop an inclusive interactive experience. It would be nice if girltron was human mediated and also “nature mediated”. I have been thinking a lot about how we can use robots to communicate with nature and vice versa.

It is not easy to sense plants reactions because biopotential responses are hard to detect and growing response takes a lot of time. Also every plant produces diverse reactions according to differences in species and surroundings.

I’ve been looking at the types of environmental stimulation that can be measured: heat, light, water (moisture, humidity), vibration (including voice and music).

For an installation in a controlled gallery setting many of these variables will be non existent. For example, lighting and humidity will remain fairly constant.

So will keep researching and looking into this.. Anyone got any suggestions?