*fuga saeculi - hugo ball @ cabaret voltaire*

Today I went and checked out ‘Fuga Saeculi’, a homage to Hugo Ball at the birthplace of Dada - Cabaret Voltaire.

It was to commemorate the 80th anniversary of his death, and as such the exhibition contained a shrine, a sarcophagus and coffin containing many personal items and memorabilia. The exhibition space itself is almost like a crypt, it is quite small and intimate in the cellar of the building.

Apparently a press conference for the show was led by artist Julia Kassina (founder of the Dead Artists Society) conducting a seance with Hugo Ball using a ouija board.

Since 2004 the building has also housed a performance space (the original cabaret room), a shop and a cafe/bar. I had a drink there - I could hear in the performance space a photo shoot taking place, and a loud American accent ordering around a very young looking model. He was also repeating “So much history.. so much history!” A man came into the bar to fix a branch off a tree to the side of the interior wall.

On 09.04.08, there is a talk and performance by Chris Watson (Cabaret Voltaire, the band) and Mike Harding (Touch Music) which sounds like it will be cool.