At the Brain Fair I saw a really impressive demo of a vision system. Originally with girltron I decided that I would use simple sensing and not bother with vision.

Fantastic news is I have been in touch with the researchers and they are going to give me the software and an sdk so I can integrate it into my project. It’s fantastic having this kind of support and sponsorship from the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits in Germany.

The system performs rapid facial analysis. Highly complex algorithms can immediately localize human faces, differentiate between men and women and analyze their expressions in real time so that mood changes can be tracked live. The most important facial characteristics used by the system are the contours of the face, the eyes, the eyebrows and the nose. A combination scale measurement is presented in terms of happy, surprised, sad or angry.

I am thinking at the moment I will probably not mount the camera on the robot, but instead house it in the tree. As long as I keep everything modular there is no limit to the way I can integrate this in with the other elements of the installation.