*chris marker - a farewell to movies*

Yesterday I finally made it over to the Museum of Design, Zurich.

Currently on is Chris Marker’s solo show - a farewell to movies. Known as one of the most influential media artists in recent times, he is famous for directing classic films as La jetée and Sans soleil

Over 200 photographic images from 1952-2006 alongside multimedia produced since the late 1970’s make this exhibition the first presentation of his work in one place.

Other interesting work comprised a series of small random portraits of people taken with a Casio wrist camera. From his curatorial notes:”Reactions of people photographed or filmed outdoors are rarely hostile, but almost never natural. Either they cringe, be it a wink, or they hide their camera-consciousness by over acting. My dream was to be able to catch them as I did animals in pure NATURALEEZA…”

Some of the most powerful images were from scenes involving activism, protests and civil unrest. It was an interesting statement on how the film camera can be used as a weapon.

My favorite part of the exhibition would have to be his latest film - a one minute sixteen second piece entitled ‘Leila Attacks’ which may turn out to be his last film:


In his own words - “I guess I may say I’m not exactly the self-complimentary type, yet when considering the work I did there, I can but call it perfect. Linearity of action, frugality of editing, sobriety of dialogs, all that enhanced by the performance of an exceptional leading lady, who can beat it? Not me anyway. Hence the conclusion that if I were sure never to be able to do better, just as well stop film making once and for all. That by itself could justify the title of this exhibition…”

What a legend. It’s great to see his sense of humor showing through and having some fun with his art…

The show finishes on the 29.06.08. Excerpts of the exhibition are also present in Second Life, where his avatar may be encountered sporadically.